Payment Policy

The AKOFA Market currently accepts credit and debit purchase payments via Stripe as well as payments via PayPal.

We find these forms of payment to be secure for our customers and a relatively simple payment option to purchase our items. We understand that this may be a fairly basic system to some; but to us it helps safeguard our customer's personal financial information and keeps our payment process as transparent as possible.

For privacy concerns and your personal security, we do not take or process any transactions, credit cards or alternate payments via electronic mail or telephone.

If you are purchasing within the State of Georgia, sales tax on all tangible items will apply.

Once full payment of an order has been received by us at the AKOFA Market, we will then ship the purchased product.


Once payment is received, your product will be shipped to you within 2 to 5 days if you are within the United States and 6 to 10 days if you are ordering internationally.

When shipping our products, they are placed carefully in the appropriate delivery packaging and shipped primarily through the United States Postal Service (USPS) within the United States and internationally. Alternate delivery carriers are also used when indicated in the product description or by emailed request of the customer for expedited delivery.

Most packages shipped in the United States will be mailed under Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and package tracking. Delivery time for the USPS may take between 2 to 5 days depending on your location in the United States.

If your package is to be shipped outside of the United States, delivery of packages will be made as First Class Mail with the USPS and all international delivery fees as well as customer fees (when applicable) will apply. In the event that a customs form must be filled out before shipping, we ask that the address and all pertinent information needed for the customs form be absolutely correct to ensure package delivery. Delivery time for the USPS internationally may take between 6 to 10 days depending in your location.

Once the product is shipped, we may send a confirmation email that includes any tracking information, customs numbers and optionally any pre-shipping product images to ensure the mailed product has been sent to you (the customer) in excellent condition.

Refund Policy

We at the AKOFA Market do our best to ensure that our customers receive the best products possible. With that being said, our standing policy is that ALL SALES ARE FINAL FOR ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS with exceptions for a few of our products under the very specific conditions of being damaged in transit or being lost by the delivery carrier. In those cases, we will more than likely issue an exchange for the damaged or lost item after a thorough review of the product damage or loss. The AKOFA Market reserves the right to review each exception on a case by case basis.

The following are examples of products where ALL SALES ARE FINAL: 

Original canvas artwork, limited edition art prints, short run items (such as accessories, handmade home goods and etc.) and downloadable digital products.

The following are examples of products that are considered exceptions to the ALL SALES ARE FINAL clause if they are damaged or lost in transit to the customer : 

Open edition art prints, cards and assorted paper goods. 

Damaged Items

Though this is not a normal occurrence due to our packaging methods, we understand that this can happen from time to time. In the event that the product is damaged, we would be more than happy to replace the product if the customer provides us with a detailed picture via email of the damaged item. If product damage is ruled as the outcome, the AKOFA Market also asks for the customer to pay for any additional shipping from us to the customer to replace the damaged item.

Lost Items

We also understand that the product may be lost in transit by a delivery carrier to our customers. This, of course, does not happen normally since our USPS Priority and First Class shipping includes tracking so you the customer can establish when and where their package will be and arrive to them. But in the event that this does happen, we will need to confirm the shipping address provided in the original order. As stated in our shipping policy, we can only ship the product to the correct shipping address. If the provided address is correct and the tracking information confirms it as lost, we can happily send you another product if the item is in our stock. If the provided shipping address is not correct, we ask for the customer to provide the correct address as well as pay for the shipping of a replacement item and an additional lost merchandise fee of $10 USD.

A Note About Our "Open" Series Prints

Our art prints are normally "open edition" items. This means that the primary amount of prints that are currently for sale are numbered by the artist from one to the last number of the print run for said item. After this series has been sold out, a new series will be created but may not be numbered.

Wholesale, Buyers and Stockists

We would love to talk about new opportunities for any of the products in the AKOFA Market. Just send us a message to market {at} and we would be happy to to discuss any wholesale options.

Custom Work

While we are currently not offering customization of our work, we are not adverse to hearing your ideas. Just send us a message to market {at} and we could possibly discuss some options.