• Image of The Big Peach Sticker
  • Image of The Big Peach Sticker
  • Image of The Big Peach Sticker

We love Atlanta.

That is the simplest way to express how we feel about the fantastic town we moved our operations. But at the time we got here, it seems like Atlanta had a bit of an identity problem.

Let's be honest. What's the first thing you think of when you hear Atlanta? Hotlanta, The Dirty South, Full Blown Attitude Reality Shows, Gone With The Wind, Confederate Flags & Sweet Tea? This town alone embodies a lot...and everyday you'll see something new.

That's why we decided to throw our hat in the ring with a clean and modern version of an "atl" inscribed Georgia Peach inscribed. We think it represents one facet of the Atlanta we know and love better than the ever present "I Heart ATL" t-shirt you find at the airport kiosk.


Size: 3.25 inch x 4.125 inch

Printed on durable UV laminated weatherproof vinyl.

Designed in Beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.

Printed and packaged in the USA.